Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let's Try This AGAIN.

New letter. New query. New format. New hook. New inspiration. All lies lies lies! It's impossible to sell a book in 2 tiny paragraphs!!! Okay, not impossible, but seriously, like, really, really annoying. So I busted my ass yesterday on writing this exciting and sharp new query letter. Now wish me luck as I mail these suckers out in today's mail and then sit on my ass again waiting for a)some assistant to open the mail, b)actually read, not skim said mail, and c)decide it's worth passing on to their boss (aka literary agent) where it will promptly sit on their desk waiting for a)said literary agent to glance at their query mail pile, b)read, not skim said query letter, and c)decide if it's worth giving me a call for a full manuscript where I can spend more money at the post office to mail a 300 page manuscript where a)it will sit on the desk of said literary agent....

You get the point.

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