Friday, February 27, 2009

As I Was Saying...

So I got another rejection yesterday. Ugh. Someone who thought "the writing was first-class", but "not in love with" my characters. I forwarded the email to my husband with a big "Oh, well", attached and moved on. There's still more agents out there with my stuff. Only a few rejections with only kind words to say. That's not too bad, considering some of the stories I've heard, right? Right? right? right?

So last night I did some writing while listening to Fleet Foxes and Glasvegas, and I gotta say, their music is very cool for the inspiration in me. Albeit a little depressing (my writing as well as the songs I chose), but it's good prose.

Today I'm working on my second novel and breaking it down into outline form. Right now it's just a swirl of scenes and characters in my head, so I'm figuring I need some concrete evidence that I am indeed working on another piece, instead of just telling people, "Yeah, so it's about this chick...."

But first I'm going to the gym! I know!! I know! You're all like, "Huh?" "Wha-?" "Kathy-physical movement?" But you have to remember last year around this time where I got off my butt and decided to run a 5K. I have this little fat hamster in me somewhere that's determined to run in his little wheel again.....It's just a squeaky start. But instead of a 5K this year, I'm just working out my arm muscles so I can type a shitload of words. Biggest workout I've ever done.

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