Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So I had all weekend to just do one last check of my partial manuscript before sending it out today. Of course I started on Saturday with a vengeance, taking my pencil in hand with eager readiness, willing to tackle any last bit of shoddy writing that may have been left.

And then I decided that I needed to pour myself a glass of wine while I do it. I thought of myself as the female Hemingway, taking liberties with alcohol to expel my genius onto my written word. And then I had another glass of wine, toasting to the fact that there was more drinking to do than editing- my work was pretty damn good! This was great! Success! I had finished----2 pages.

Three glasses later, I went to bed. And then I woke up the next morning too tired to do anything. I though I might be getting sick. Much better to rest up the brain, if I am indeed getting a cold. God forbid I try to edit while my head is fuzzy, I rationalized. So Sunday was spent while I told myself over and over again that my brain was not in the right state to look at paper. Or read paper. Or mark paper. It was just...fuzzy. Sure, like my brain wasn't fuzzy on wine the night before....

And then there was yesterday-a holiday! Surely a day to buckle down and get cracking on the rest of my partial, a day to reflect on what edits were necessary....but there was one thing holding me back. I broke a nail. Like, major tip breakage. I really needed to get it fixed because as any chick knows, having a broken nail will just halt all activities until further notice.

Then I needed to clean my house and do laundry. Major priorities. (Considering they usually never are, and my husband had to hire a cleaning lady to remind me that "No, Kathy, the house DOES NOT clean itself, contrary to your beliefs".) Finally, with refreshed nails and fresh towels, I realized that I could now......no. I couldn't edit. I was too hungry to concentrate. And nibbling, as I learned from my mother, is an hour long affair. And so...yeah. By the end of the day, I was so tired I just couldn't possibly look at pieces of paper.

Until this morning at 6am when I swore that I would jumpstart my morning with 2 cups of coffee and a sharpened pencil. I plumped up my pillows, sat up in bed with my coffee in hand and fanned out the fabulous edit I had made on...well, a long time ago. I looked at what I wrote.

Holy crap, was I drunk when I made these edits? I asked myself.

Why yes, Kathy you were
, I answered myself.

I have a lot of work to do today. After I go see what's in the fridge. I think there's leftover No Pudge Brownies from last night......

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