Friday, February 13, 2009


A month into my queries, and one of the first agents I sent a letter to has requested a partial. (First hundred pages). HELL YEAH. Okay, now don't get too excited, it's just a partial, it could still get turned down, it could totally suck to them, but, cool is that? I actually sounded interesting to someone! I actually wrote something that intrigued an agent. Wow. Let me just bask in this moment. Only two rejections and one request so far. I think this is good. (Well, from what I read about the horrors of this business, my situation is a good thing.) Oh! And it's not some pussy agency (although- to all the pussy agencies out there, I'm sorry, I'm sure you're fabulous.) This is like, a really big, BIG f*ing company. (Of course, I'm maintaining my professionalism as of right now by not revealing any more information and by keeping my composure.

Holy shit.

This is so fucking cool.

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