Friday, February 6, 2009


I'm off to grocery shop. But today, I'm adding a few things to my list.
Today, I'm going to buy some refreshing optimism. I think it's located in the organic section next to Annie's Mac and Cheese.
Then I'm going to buy me some good ol' barbecued wit. I need more, as I'm running out constantly with trying to make my query letters sound like I'm an undiscovered genius.
Next on the list is chance. It's near the day-old bread section, where you can sometimes find really good marked-down items. I need chance. It's more than just luck. I need someone to see my work and tell me that there's potential. I mean, I know there is, but I'm not the one who can slap a cover on my book and call it published.
And last but not least, I'm buying some Depends. Because WHEN an agent calls or writes back, I'm going to...well, nevermind.
Let me know if I missed some groceries that should be on my list.

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